Mechanic owned and operated

We are a mechanic owned and operated shop. We also actually ride bikes, most of us everyday of the year. How does this positively affect you? You get informed opinions based off of actual life experience. You are provided with options that prioritize making your bike function better and last longer, not just the business of making money. The products we supply are chosen because of their quality, not their colour. 

We love fixing things. "Things" infering that we do not just maintain bicycles. We work on nearly anything you can find.

Stop by for a quote. They are free, and it will give you a chance to meet the staff and get some incite into what we are about. 

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Service- Bikes

We do all repairs to bikes. $60 is the cost of our standard tune up, which includes adjustment of brakes, headset, bottom bracket and derailleurs, truing of wheels, tightening of all bolts, lube for the chain and cables that might need it, and proper inflation of tires. We also offer upgraded tune ups that go a little deeper into your ride. They include full overhaul of the bearing areas, full dismantle and clean of your drive train, full clean of your bicycle, bleeding of brakes, etc. Stop by for a free quote. Often, getting your ride working again costs much less than anticipated. If you have anything that needs service, chances are we know how to work on it. Give us a call or stop by with whatever it is you have and see what we can offer.

Service- Snow

We do all repairs to boards and skis. A standard tune up is $45 and includes two Ptex fills, a grind, a sharpen and a wax. We can repair de-lamination, core shots, pulled edges, smashed edges, chipped tip/tails, install T nuts, and nearly anything else you might do to your set up. Stop by for a free quote. We do all repairs to skates, mount blades and supply the best sharpens in town. Check out the Skate section for more information on sharpening and fitting.

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